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Intense fighting continues across frontline areas in Marib Governorate, with hostilities particularly rife in Sirwah District. Large wave of displacement within the governorate since the start of the escalation in early February 2021 has led to the displacement of more than 18,000 people.

Marib Governorate already hosts an estimated one million Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in 125 IDP sites. Sirwah District hosts around 30,000 displaced people in at least 14 displacement sites. Those newly displaced from Sirwah District have moved closer to Marib City. An additional 692 families were reportedly displaced from Marib to Sana’a City, Sana’a, Al Bayda and Amran Governorates between March and April 2021.

The newly displaced are some of the most vulnerable; with an estimated 70 percent being women. Urgent needs as reported by partners include additional food assistance, non-food items, clothing and protection of civilians still trapped between frontlines.

With continued fighting, more civilians are expected to continue to flee towards the eastern outskirts of Sirwah and into Marib City, where IDP sites are already crowded and response capacities are overstretched. Should hostilities move towards the city and surrounding areas, 385,000 people could be displaced to the suburbs of Marib City and to areas in Hadramout Governorate.