Across Yemen, from an estimated 6 million women of child bearing age, 144,000 women are likely to experience complicated deliveries risking their lives and that of their babies requiring access to emergency reproductive health services. Most women cannot afford the transportation cost or hospital charges. At Al Kuwait Hospital in Sana'a, UNFPA with support from the Kingdom of Kuwait is supporting the Hospital to provide  nearly 100 cesarean sections a month free of charge to save mother's lives and their babies.


Salwa survived violence, war and displacement in Yemen, a divorce and mental illness. Today, she's a teacher and volunteer at a mental health facility supported by UNFPA, giving women hope and support. 


Yusra and her family were displaced to Amran, when her father had an accident and could no longer work to provide for her family. Yusra took on the responsibility by learning to sew at a UNFPA-supported safe space. 


Displaced by the conflict in Yemen, with no food to feed her six children, Om Abdullah found her suffering had doubled when her mentally ill husband started to beat her. Watch how Om Abdullah takes on the challenge to become the breadwinner for her family.


With support from the European Union Humanitarian Aid, UNFPA is expanding reproductive health services in rural health facilities to ensure health pregnancies and safe deliveries during childbirth. 


Displaced while pregnant with her seventh child, Enas was going to lose her baby. With access to a health facility providing essential reproductive health services, Enas delivers safely, four months ahead of her due date.


Sahar survived a painful experience during the birth of her daughter, Sondos. She was then determined to be part of the solution so other women in her community don't experience the same pain. Two thirds of all reproductive health facilities in Yemen stopped working since the start of the war. This leaves millions of Yemeni women vulnerable to increased rates of maternal mortality and morbidity. Follow #AWomanEvenHere and join our call to prioritize women's needs in humanitarian response.


UNFPA helps over 1,000 women to  transform their lives with livelihood opportunities and economic empowerment through the 'My Safety Our Future project' . Watch how one girl takes on the incense making bussiness. 


Highlighting UNFPA's response in Yemen to make a difference in the lives of conflict-affected women and girls. 


When pregnant women in war torn Yemen can not access health centers, midwives like Rawda travel to remote areas to insure a safe delivery. UNFPA is helping midwives in remote conflict-affected villages to set up home-based clinics so that midwives are within reach for pregnant women and their newborns.