In March 2015, a prolonged political crisis between Yemen government forces, and their allies, and rebel groups erupted into a nationwide humanitarian crisis. Today, it has become the world's largest humanitarian crisis  with millions of Yemeni's  facing a triple tragedy from the spectre of famine, the world’s largest ever single-year cholera outbreak, and conflict.

An estimated 20.7 million people –  over two thirds of the population – are in need of some kind of assistance or protection. Some 8,167 Yemenis have been killed, more than 46,000 have been injured, over 2 million people are  internally displaced and  900,000 recent returnees. Among them, the health of an estimated 2.2 million women and girls of reproductive age is at risk, and the lives of 1.1 million malnourished pregnant women and their newborns is threatened. Compounded by a collapsing health system, with only 37 percent of maternal and reproductive health facilities functioning. 

UNFPA is working with its partners to provide health services, equipment and medication to Yemeni women and girls, and to distribute dignity kits and reproductive health kits. UNFPA is also supporting services to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, which is rising amidst the instability. These services include the clinical management of rape, psychosocial support and safe spaces. In addition, the organization is working to ensure that health supplies that arrive in the nation’s ports reach their final destination.