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29 September 2022
Press Release
A displaced girl collects emergency relief items through the EU-supported Rapid Response Mechanism ©YARD/UNFPA Yemen

European Union provides over €9 million to UNFPA for lifesaving assistance

UNFPA, welcomes a €9.4 million humanitarian contribution from the European Union to assist nearly a million of the most vulnerable women, girls and... Read more

26 September 2022
A mother with her newborn following successful caesarean section at a KSrelief-funded health facility ©UNFPAYemen

Equipping health facilities to save lives of pregnant women

Support from KSrelief to health facilities in south Yemen is helping to save lives.

8 September 2022
Press Release
A USAID supported mobile clinic in Marib,Yemen ©UNFPA Yemen

USAID grants $7 million for lifesaving interventions in Yemen

The USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance announced a contribution of US$7 million to UNFPA, to provide emergency relief and life-saving... Read more

6 September 2022
Distributions of kits containing basic health and hygiene items, clothes and ready-to-eat meals are set up for the flooding emer

Floods in Yemen upend lives for tens of thousands already fleeing brutal conflict

Since April, flash floods have ravaged vast areas of Yemen, affecting over 300,000 people; many who have been displaced multiple times

19 August 2022
Midwife Molok connects deeply with displaced communities because she has shared their experiences. © UNFPA Yemen

Front-line workers restore health, hope and humanity in the direst settings

“A few weeks ago, a pregnant woman called me late at night in desperate need of help,” Molok told UNFPA. “This woman lives in a camp that intersects... Read more

23 June 2022
Press Release
A nurse attends to a newborn baby at a health facility supported by KSrelief in west coast of Yemen  ©UNFPA Yemen

Saudi Arabia announces new US$ 2.5 million contribution to UNFPA reproductive health programme in Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief announced a contribution of US$ 2.5 million, supporting, UNFPAto provide life-saving reproductive health services to the most... Read more

15 June 2022
A pregnant woman in an internally displaced persons camp in Aden Governorate, Yemen. Because of funding cuts, UNFPA – the leadin

With emergency obstetric care elusive, pregnant women in Yemen face tragic consequences

An internally displaced woman named Hamsa* in labour arrived at Maifa’a Mother and Child Centre in Hadramout Governorate, known to provide free... Read more

27 April 2022
A young mother and her baby are weighed before being examined for malnutrition at UNFPA-supported Marib General hospital in Yemen, a country that relies heavily on food imports. Skyrocketing food prices have increased the number of people in need of food assistance from 16.2 million in 2021 to 19 million people in 2022. © UN/Giles Clarke

War in Ukraine shocks global food supply, putting lives at risk

The consequences of war in Ukraine are rippling ever outward. An estimated 1.3 million pregnant and lactating Yemeni women who are already acutely... Read more

24 March 2022

Free maternal services are a lifeline to expectant mothers in Yemen

On her way to the health centre to give birth, Hailah almost fell off the back of a borrowed motorbike – twice. Seven years of conflict has brought... Read more

15 March 2022
Press Release

Women and girls continue to pay a heavy price in Yemen as the conflict slips further from global view

Seven devastating years of fighting have left 23.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Yemen, a country that is struggling with a... Read more