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1 June 2021

Upgrading Health Facilities to Save Lives

Taizz, Yemen - Huda, prepared to give birth to her first child at home with the assistance of a midwife in Sharaab Al Runa district, Taizz Governorate. Huda’s husband was at home after contracting... Read more

30 May 2021
Press Release

The Republic of Korea partners with UNFPA to improve access to maternal health services for women and girls in Yemen

Sana’a, 30 May 2021 – UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund has received a contribution of USD 500,000 from the Republic of Korea to improve access to lifesaving maternal health services for... Read more

23 May 2021
Khetam being treated at a UNFPA-supported fistula facility in Sana'a ©UNFPA Yemen

Despite stigma and rejection, Fistula survivor in Yemen find a new hope

Khetam begins by saying, "I do not think that there is a woman who has suffered from a fistula as I did." Khetam got a fistula when she was only 16 years old. Months after her marriage, her newborn... Read more

14 May 2021
Hala receiving her identification documents at the safe space. © UNFPA Yemen

Helping displaced women regain their identity

Hadramaut, Yemen - Six years of escalating conflict has taken a heavy toll on Yemenis, particularly its women and girls.   An estimated 73 per cent of the over 4 million people displaced in Yemen... Read more

10 May 2021
Skills building courses offered to survivors of violence at UNFPA-supported safe spaces  ©UNFPA Yemen

Safe spaces help to rebuild lives of women faced with violence

Marib, Yemen - Samar was married at the age of 15 years. At 16 years she was pregnant with her first child. Escaping death due to complications during her first pregnancy, Samar consequently went on... Read more

1 April 2021
Midwife Rahma attends to Halima, who is due to give birth during Ramadan, at her home that has been outfitted as a maternity clinic. © UNFPA Yemen

Yemeni midwives help deliver hope during Ramadan

SANA'A, Yemen – Often heard throughout the global pandemic is that essential workers cannot work from home. But the world’s worst humanitarian crisis calls for extraordinary measures. In a country... Read more

25 March 2021
Midwife Shrook Khalid Saeed tells UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem about a harrowing delivery. © UNFPA Yemen

Motherhood on the brink: Pregnant women in Yemen under famine and violence

CRATER, Yemen –  “It was the morning of a normal working day before fighting escalated close to the hospital. I heard a mother screaming at the gate,” midwife Shrook Khalid Saeed told UNFPA this week... Read more

24 March 2021
Press Release

As more than one million pregnant women face malnutrition in Yemen, UNFPA Executive Director appeals for peace and increased support

Aden/Sana’a - The Executive Director of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, called for peace in Yemen and urgent funding for women’s health and protection as she concluded a three-day visit to... Read more

1 March 2021
Press Release

Urgent funding needed to provide protection and health services to millions of women in Yemen

NEW YORK, USA - More than 100,000 women could die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth in Yemen,  the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, due to severe funding shortages and the possible... Read more

26 February 2021
Midwife Lena Al-Shurmani holds Abia's newborn baby shortly after delivery. Abia lost a lot of blood during childbirth. © UNFPA Yemen

In Yemen’s man-made catastrophe, women and girls pay the heaviest price

IBB, Yemen – Midwife Lena Al-Shurmani remembers meeting Abia* at Al Mawa Camp in Ibb. Abia was 15 years old and eight months pregnant. “I was very worried,” Ms. Al-Shurmani recalled. “She had a... Read more