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24 March 2021
Press Release

As more than one million pregnant women face malnutrition in Yemen, UNFPA Executive Director appeals for peace and increased support

The Executive Director of UNFPA, called for peace in Yemen and urgent funding for women’s health and protection as she concluded a three-day visit to... Read more

1 March 2021
Press Release

Urgent funding needed to provide protection and health services to millions of women in Yemen

More than 100,000 women could die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth in Yemen, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, due to severe... Read more

26 February 2021
Midwife Lena Al-Shurmani holds Abia's newborn baby shortly after delivery. Abia lost a lot of blood during childbirth. © UNFPA Yemen

In Yemen’s man-made catastrophe, women and girls pay the heaviest price

Yemen's health system hangs together by a thread. More than $100 million is urgently needed to meet the sexual and reproductive health and... Read more

16 December 2020
Press Release

Qatar Fund for Development Cooperates with United Nations Population Fund to Enhance Health Services in Yemen

Qatar Fund for Development signs an agreement with UNFPA to provide comprehensive health services for vulnerable people in Yemen.

10 December 2020
Press Release

European Union, UNICEF and UNFPA Join Forces to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children in Yemen

A contribution from the European Union is enabling UNICEF and UNFPA to continue providing vital lifesaving maternal and newborn health care services... Read more

7 December 2020

After years of conflict, Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, a UNFPA 2021 appeal shows

A new Humanitarian Action Overview report released by UNFPA names Yemen as the country where the needs of women and girls in humanitarian emergencies... Read more

20 November 2020

Saving lives in rural Al Hudaydah

Al Tuhayta, Al-Hudaydah: KhawlaMizjaji, a 23-year-old mother of three, lives in a remote area in Al Hudaydah Governorate. In her last months of pregnancy, Khawla was suffering from anemia, blurred ... Read more

16 November 2020

Strengthening monitoring of maternal mortality in Yemen

In partnership with Ministry of Public Health and Population, UNFPA conducted a two-day induction workshop in Aden on surveillance and response to maternal and perinatal deaths. A total of 70... Read more

4 November 2020

A New Youth, Peace & Security Pact for Yemen

Launching the Youth, Peace and Security Pact" (YPS Pact) to enhance the role of youth in peace-making processes at the national and local level... Read more

28 October 2020

KSRelief and UNFPA Sign New Agreement to Improve Women’s Protection Services in Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid & Relief Centre announced a contribution of US$ 1.6 million today to support the efforts of UNFPA in... Read more