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UNFPA up scales its response in Al Dhale'e

The continued conflict in Al Dhale'e has led to the displacement of more than 60,000 individuals, and has taken a heavy toll on the host community. The impact of the conflict on health facilities in the area has led to massive constraints in reaching services for pregnant and delivering women. In addtion, roads has ma access to these barely existing services even more challenging. Women and girls also continue to face additional risks including gender-based violence.

As part of its emergency response, UNFPA is distributing immediate relief items through the rapid response mechanism to those newly displaced. UNFPA has also deployed mobile outreach teams to provide psychological first aid and refer most vulnerable women and girls to different services. UNFPA also established safe spaces in areas with the highest concentrations of IDPs. Furthermore, UNFPA increased the number of health facilities it is supporting in Al Dhale'e, particularly those providing c-sections and normal delivery services. Without UNFPA’s support, and due to the road blocks, women in labor would need to travel more than four hours and pass by dangerous areas to give birth. With this support, these women and girls have relatively nearby and accessible services.