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14 November 2018

1,500 pregnant women at risk of death as main hospital in Hodeidah becomes inaccessible

An estimated 1,500 who are likely to encounter complications during pregnancy and childbirth might be at risk as the city’s only hospital that can provide emergency care becomes inaccessible.

Some 1.1 million pregnant and lactating women are acutely malnourished, heightening the risk of life-threatening complications during pregnancy and labour. © UNFPA Yemen

9 November 2018

Looming famine threatens the lives of 2 million pregnant women in Yemen

Two million pregnant and lactating women are at risk of death if famine strikes.

1 November 2018

Yemen famine, the worst in recent history, manmade

The famine looming over Yemen may be the worst in the world’s recent history, and may put an estimated 2 million malnourished pregnant and lactating women at increased risk of death.



Highlights of UNFPA's response in September 2018. 
Overview of UNFPA's humanitarian response in Yemen for 2018

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