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28 March 2019

Statement on the attacks on hospitals in Sa’ada and Taizz, Yemen

We are dismayed about the latest escalation of violence in Yemen, most recently the deadly incidence near the Kitaf rural hospital in Sa’ada governorate and the closure of key public hospitals in Taizz city following...

26 February 2019

A survivor, a mother, a midwife

Sahar survived a painful experience during the birth of her daughter. She was then determined to be part of the solution so other women in her community don't experience the same pain.

A midwife cares for Mohsina's unexpected twins at Jardan Hospital. ©FMF

21 February 2019

In world’s worst humanitarian crisis, the miracle of a safe birth

Over a million pregnant women and new mothers require urgent aid in Yemen, the site of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.



This year’s State of the World Population (SWOP) report comes at the 50th anniversary of...
Highlights of UNFPA's response in February 2019.

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