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August 2012_The recent conflict in Abyan (South of Yemen) has displaced more than 90,000 people, who currently are hosted in more than 60 schools in Aden and Lahj governorate. In such humanitarian crisis, UNFPA was there to intervene. One of its interventions has been distributing dignity kits for vulnerable women and girls in IDP setting. 

In July, UNFPA, in coordination with the local NGO Yemeni Family Care Association (YFCA), launched officially the first phase of distributing the dignity kits for Abyan’s conflict-stricken IDP women and girls in Aden governorate. The launching was attended by the UNFPA’s Representative and Aden’s deputy governor, as well as a number of officials from health office and media personnel.

Continuing its intervention, UNFPA also distributed RH kits to health facilities in Aden and Lahi governorates in which the majority of IDPs are located. Moreover, in coordination with YFCA, UNFPA operated mobile clinics in the districts of Aden and Lahi that host Abyan’s IDPs. 

In the same vein, training was conducted, targeting 20 community volunteers from Aden and Lahj governorates, in psychological support in humanitarian and emergencies settings, and in particular during the distribution of dignity kits. The training was organized by YFCA with the support of UNFPA.