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Cargo plane carrying reproductive health supplies arrives in Sana’a

Sana’a, Yemen, 21 September 2016 – UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund received $200,000 worth of emergency medicines and supplies today to meet the urgent reproductive health needs of women and girls caught in the conflict in Yemen.  
The reproductive health supplies will benefit nearly 500,000 Yemenis, with more than 80,000 women and girls benefiting directly across 14 governorates in the north and south of the country. The supplies will assist in safe and clean deliveries, including home deliveries as well as in the management of miscarriages, treatment of rape and provision of contraceptives. 
This arrival comes as a major breakthrough in the delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance. Previous supplies have taken up to five or seven months to reach Sana’a from ports in Al Hudaydah and Djibouti due to air and naval blockades. 
Despite the security and logistical challenges, previous supplies of reproductive health kits have benefited some 453,000 women and girls of reproductive age. In addition, UNFPA is supporting nearly 200 health facilities across the country with life-saving reproductive health equipment, medicines and supplies. In remote conflict affected areas, UNFPA supported mobile teams operate, providing services that include antenatal and postnatal care, family planning and assistance for safe deliveries. 
UNFPA has provided more than 100,000 dignity kits to the most vulnerable women and girls in 19 governorates in Yemen to maintain their personal and menstrual hygiene. 
Over 10,000 survivors of gender-based violence have accessed services that include psycho-social support, legal aid, access to safe houses, and referral to health and other services; and awareness raising sessions continue with the engagement of men and boys. 
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