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UNFPA-supported community committees and men-tomen networks organized a series of 12 dialogues to identify the root causes of gender-based violence and its consequences and to encourage community engagement.

Local governing councils, Sheikhs, Imams and other community leaders participated in the community dialogues discussing sensitive issues such as girls’ education, child marriage and the most prevalent type of GBV in their respective communities to find out the ways to prevent and respond to GBV through proper referral mechanisms. In Hajjah governorate, Imams of all mosques agreed on dedicating their Friday sermons to address violence against women. Also, all police stations confirmed their commitment to fully support women survivors of violence.

“Now, we have a plan in place. All Imams and Sheikhs in Zaidia district have started raising awareness on the negative impact of child marriage and the importance of girls’ education through the Friday sermons and in social gatherings.” said a member of the men-to-men network in Zaidia district, Hodaidah.