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Home-based clinics for community midwives

A large number of community midwives have lost their jobs or had their work spaces destroyed as a result of the conflict in Yemen. 

To address this, UNFPA with the support of the Government of Germany is helping unemployed midwives to set up home-based clinics. 

This would assist in the large number of home deliveries that take place in remote areas across the country by increasing the access to skilled birth attendants during childbirth, which is estimated to be 30 percent. In turn these efforts would help to prevent death of mothers and their new borns. 

In September 2016, 10 home-based clinics were established in Ibb Governorate.  A total of 120 home-based clinics will be established in the coming months.

 This is what Tabia an unemployed midwife, featured above, had to say upon receiving equipment for her home based clinic. "Last night I could not sleep. I am really excited to receive these supplies and get back to work”. Tabia travelled four hours from her village to receive these items.