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Joint funding from Sweden, Netherlands and Switzerland helps to expand women’s protection services

Sana’a, 16 March 2020UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund welcomed the generous contribution of US$8.0 million from the Governments of  Sweden, Netherlands and Switzerland to assist the most vulnerable women and girls with lifesaving protection services in nine governorates over the next two years.

Women and girls make up almost half of the 4.3 million people displaced over the last three years in Yemen; 27 per cent of whom are below age 18. Their coping mechanisms are being stretched to the limit, while breakdown of protection systems have made them increasingly vulnerable to violence and abuse.

This funding will help UNFPA to continue the provision of protection services and expand services in areas where vulnerabilities of women and girls have grown due to increased fighting and conflict. This includes, expanding the number of women’s shelters, safe spaces, and community networks and supporting more women to engage in livelihood activities to support their families. 

The Governments of Sweden, Netherlands and Switzerland have been key donors to UNFPA’s protection response in Yemen, helping to reach nearly a million people with protection information and services with their contribution since 2017. More specifically, in the last two years, UNFPA has been able to establish nine women spaces, build two new women shelters, and continue services of four existing shelters and help over 500 women start their own business, with this joint contribution.

 “In times of crisis we often forget the unique needs of women and girls. Ensuring that women and girls are safe and have the services they require to protect themselves from violence and abuse when fleeing conflict or seeking humanitarian assistance is critical to any humanitarian response. We are extremely grateful to the Governments of Sweden, Netherlands and Switzerland for recognising this enormous need and for continuing to support us to provide essential protection services to women and girls”, stated Nestor Owomuhangi, UNFPA’s Acting Representative to Yemen.

UNFPA leads coordination and provision of protection services across the country. UNFPA is also the sole provider of lifesaving reproductive health medicines and supplies in Yemen.


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