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A New Youth, Peace & Security Pact for Yemen

Aden, Yemen, 3 November 2020 –  UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund in collaboration with UN Women and Youth without Borders Organization for Development launched the Youth, Peace and Security Pact" (YPS Pact) at a press conference held earlier today to enhance the role of youth in peace-making processes at the national and local level. The launch also coincides with the fifth anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 2250.

The YPS Pact consists of 30 young men and women committed to peace-building, coming from across the country. The Pact is gender balanced with equal numbers of men and women represented.  

The YPS Pact seeks to enhance the role of youth in peace-building and decision-making processes at the local and national levels based on UN resolutions and national references related to young people in order to advance the peace and security agenda in Yemen.

Ahead of the launch, a series of preparatory activities were conducted. This included a four-day workshop where YPS Pact members discussed and approved the Pact Constitution and by-laws, benefiting from the experience of other local and regional entities.