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Aden, Yemem – Khawla and her family fled to Aden as hostilities intensified in her hometown, Marib.

“Life was very peaceful before the war. We fled to Aden because of the conflict, there my life began to fall apart,” tells Khawla.

Khawla’s husband became abusive towards her after being displaced and losing his job; preventing her from communicating with her siblings and doubting her fidelity.

Misfortune after misfortune

“My sister fell very ill and passed away before I could see her. My husband did not let me go. Thereafter, I lost my father.  My psychological state was completely destroyed. My husband did not help me and continued with his abusive ways,” states Khawla.

Unable to bare the abuse from her husband, Khawla asked him for a divorce. He refused unless she gave him all the property and rights to their five kids.

“I finally agreed to his demands. It was more important for me to leave this complicated life with him,” tells Khawla.

Khawla found herself on the streets, without shelter or a source of income.

A safe haven

An acquaintance took Khawla to a safe space for women and girls in Aden.  

“At the safe space I received a series of psychosocial support sessions. I began to feel much better and safe," she adds.

As her condition improved, Khawla enrolled in a training programme at the safe space to learn sewing children’s clothes. Soon Khawla soon mastered the techniques.

“We found that Khawla had a great passion in this field; because her passion was so great, we decided to support her by enrolling her in an advanced external qualification course and paid all the costs,” says the safe space manager.

Khawla has received number of job offers from shops and factories since then.

“I have been able to master sewing children’s clothes to a large extent. I now have a good job. My financial and health situation is very stable. I have rented an apartment and support my children. I am even supporting my late sister’s son,” tells Khawla with pride.  

With support from KSrelief the safe space is providing livelihood support to hundreds of women like Khawla.


Since January 2021, more than 800 women faced with violence were provided with livelihood skills training across eight safe spaces in southern Yemen with support from KSrelief.