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Saving lives in rural Al Hudaydah

Al Tuhayta, Al-Hudaydah: KhawlaMizjaji, a 23-year-old mother of three, lives in a remote area in Al Hudaydah Governorate. In her last months of pregnancy, Khawla was suffering from anemia, blurred vision, headache, pain at the tip of the stomach, and high blood pressure. She was pregnant with twins. When the labour pains began, her husband struggled to take her to the nearest hospital which is Al Tuhayta Rural Hospital, a facility that has beccoming operational with  support from King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre.

"We lack transportation and proper roads in our area. In addition, the current fuel crisis had made it difficult for us to reach the health facility. After four hours, we reached Al Tuhayta Rural Hospital",Khawla’s husband described his journey to save his wife and baby twins. 

When Khawla arrived to the hospital, she was in a critical condition as she was suffering from eclampsia putting her life and her twins’ in danger. The midwives and a gynecologist admitted and rushed Khawla to labour room to save her life and babies. 

For almost three hours, the midwives were closely observing Khawla condition and the doctor started to provide the mother the necessary medications." We cannot lose them", said a midwife.  

After twenty minutes, the first newborn got out safely, and the second followed his brother right after ten minutes. 

However, Khawla kept bleeding. The medical team kept struggling for 15 minutes till they managed to stop it." It was one of the longest four hours of my life. It was a risky delivery, but thanks to God we handled the situation successfully and the mother condition was stabilized. Then, we all breath a sign of relief.", the gynecologist said. 

Khawla and her beautiful twins were put under observation for twelve hours at the hospital.

“In the beginning I was really worried and scared. Khawla’s condition was bad when we arrived the hospital and she was at the hospital for one day under observation. Thanks to God, my wife and my twins are now fine and all my fears have vanished”, Khawla’s husband said happily. 

“We used to go to the Mocha district to receive treatment, but we are now happy and lucky for having this hospital nearby. It saves us lots of hardship and traveling.", the father added.