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September 2012 Preparing for 2014-Census in Yemen

30 September 2012- In collaboration with UNFPA, Central Statistics Organization (CSO) held a preparatory workshop for donors to discuss the drafted “Population, Housing and Establishment Census 2014” project document. 

At the opening of the workshop Dr. Hassan Thabet Farhan, head of CSO- deputy chairman of the Supreme Committee for the census, stated that the government had great hopes in completing the revision of the technical document for planning the work of the General Census of Population and Housing and Establishments 2014. 

Dr. Hassan pointed out that it was the first time to hold such a workshop and to come up with a comprehensive document for the implementation of census activities in various technical, administrative and financial aspects that come in line with the recommendations of the United Nations for census implementation.

Farhan stated that the workshop aimed at creating a genuine partnership between the Yemeni government and UNFPA as well as with donors, neighboring and friendly countries to contribute to financing the implementation of the general census of population in 2014, in all its activities and preparatory and field stages. 

Farhan hoped that workshop would enrich the content of the technical document with valuable perspectives and observations to make a census a success at all its levels that could be a reference when designing next development plans. 

The workshop that was attended by Mr. Marc Vandenberghe, UNFPA Representative, and a number of experts and specialists, tackled various topics and working papers that discussed the content of the technical document of upcoming census, the theoretical and legal framework as well as the plans, and timeframe to implement it, and its estimated budget.

It is worthy to mention that the census for 2014 is going to be the third one in Yemen in 20 years. The first one was held after the Unification of Yemen in December 1994 when population was 14.5. The second census took place in December 2004 that showed that population exceeded 19.6 million.