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Displacement and the breakdown of protection mechanisms have drastically increased the vulnerability of women and girls to violence and abuse over the past five years of conflict. Prior to the conflict, women endured low status and high rates of abuse. Women and girls make up almost half of the 4.3 million people displaced over the last three years in Yemen; 27 per cent of whom are below age 18. These vulnerabilities are likely to increase as COVID-19 spreads rapidly across the country.


The Government of Norway helps to sustain women’s protection interventions in Yemen with a contribution of NOK 20 million (USD $1.93 million) to UNFPA. This funding support comes in at a time when UNFPA’s response in Yemen is faced with a severe funding shortage, amidst the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic.


Funding from Norway will help in providing psychosocial support, legal aid, medical services and livelihood opportunities to women and girls who face violence and abuse. The funds will also contribute towards the operation of safe spaces that provide women with an opportunity to interact, exchange information and rebuild community networks. 


“UNFPA is deeply heartened by the generous Norwegian support to our efforts to help most the vulnerable women and girls in Yemen,” said Nestor Owomuhangi, UNFPA’s Acting Representative to Yemen. “The latest funding will translate into more people – particularly more women and more girls – enjoying the psychosocial and protection services that they badly need at this point in time.”