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The situation in and around Marib remains volatile. Renewed fighting since the start of the year across parts of western, northern and southern Marib displaced more people mainly into Sirwah, Marib City and Marib Al Wadi districts.

The most recent escalation in hostilities has hit people in Sirwah district the hardest. Since early February 2021, more than 1,000 households are confirmed as being displaced from conflict-affected areas in Sirwah. More people are expected to be displaced in the coming days as fighting escalates in and around Sirwah.

Two UNFPA-supported health facilities in Sirwah district were shut down as a result of the clashes with services shifting to Al Rawdah district.

The newly displaced are some of the most vulnerable; with an estimated 70 per cent being women. Urgent needs as reported by partners include additional food assistance, non-food items, clothing and protection of civilians still trapped between frontlines.

Since January 2020, fighting in Marib, Al Jawf and Sana’a governorates has displaced some 18,424 families (128,968 people).