Monthly Situation Report #03 – March 2017

No. of pages: 1

Publication date: April 2017

Author: UNFPA Yemen

Twenty-six March 2017 marked two years of relentless conflict in Yemen. An alarming 18.8 million of them - almost two thirds of the population - need some form of humanitarian or protection support. Famine is a real possibility in 2017 and some seven million women, children, and men could be affected.

As of 10 March, the fighting the western coast of Taizz Governorate had led to more than 48,000 people being displaced from across Taizz Governorate. The majority are from Al Mukha and Dhubab districts in the south-west. Nearly all displaced people are sheltering in more secure areas of Taizz Governorate (73 per cent) or neighbouring Al Hudaydah Governorate (20 per cent).

Humanitarian partners have provided direct, in-kind relief to nearly 120,000 people, including IDPs, host communities and residents of affected areas. In addition, partners are supporting critical services through assistance to local water networks and health facilities, as well as offering protection. Access to the most affected areas of Taizz remains challenging due to ongoing clashes and movement restrictions imposed by parties to the conflict. Assistance in some sectors has concentrated mainly on Al Hudaydah, with further scale-up planned in Taizz.