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Monthly Situation Report #04 – April 2017

Against the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation, the threat of famine and the urgent need for resources, a High-Level Pledging Conference for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen was convened in Geneva on 25 April 2017. International donors pledged nearly $1.1 billion to help scale up life-saving aid to millions of people in need. Pledges were made by 48 Member States, the European Commission, the Central Emergency Response Fund and four NGO/humanitarian organizations. The top ten countries pledging included: United Kingdom, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, European Commission, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, United States, Japan, Germany, Sweden, and Canada.

As of April, the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan is 14 percent funded, with $ 296.5 million received out of $2.1 billion requested to assist 12 million people with life-saving assistance. Top donors include United States, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Japan, United Kingdom, the European Commission, Germany, and Canada. Contributions to humanitarian funding outside the Response Plan is $52.9 million.