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Monthly Situation Report #04 – May 2016

The continued conflict, months of limited imports of essential supplies, and rapidly deteriorating basic services are deepening humanitarian needs, leaving more than 13 million Yemenis in need of immediate, life-saving humanitarian assistance. People are dying of preventable illnesses because of the limited availability of even the most basic medical supplies. Over 7.6 million people are severely food insecure, and 2.8 million people have been displaced by violent conflict since January 2014. Over 3.6 million people were reached with some form of direct humanitarian assistance by close to 100 humanitarian organizations across Yemen by the end of April 2016. The Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan, which requires US$1.8 billion to reach over 13 million people this year, remains underfunded at only 16 per cent.

The second round of peace talks that commenced in April 2016 are currently ongoing.  The Special Envoy to Yemen has indicated that the warring parties are closer to reaching an agreement but consensus on the type of government that would be formed is yet to be reached.