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Monthly Situation Report #04 - April 2018

Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Three quarters of the population, more than 22 million people, urgently require some form of humanitarian help, including. 8.4 million people who struggle to find their next meal.

On 3 April, Sweden, Switzerland and the UN Secretary-General co-chaired a pledging conference for Yemen. Forty Member States and regional organizations pledged more than US$2 billion against a funding ask of $2.96 billion. The contribution of $930 from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to the Humanitarian Response Plan has been fully disbursed with  UNFPA receiving $11 million towards its response for reproductive health and women's protection. 

 In mid April armed confrontations intensified in multiple locations in Hudaydah Governorate with  humanitarian partners requested to assist with the evacuation of approximately 1600 households trapped between front lines.  UNFPA estimates that among them  170 will be pregnant women, of whom 18 are likely to give birth within the next 3 weeks requiring urgent emergency obstetric care.In response, UNFPA will provide a  range of reproductive and gender-based violence services and supplier, including  through the provision of reproductive health kits positioned at Bayt Alfaqiyah Hospital to assist pregnant women and emergency deliveries among those being evacuated; distribution of family kits, male and female dignity kits, and four teams providing psychological, legal and case referrals at humanitarian service points.