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Monthly Situation Report #05 – June 2016

More than 13 million Yemeni’s continue to need immediate life-saving assistance as a result of a bleak humanitarian situation in the country that continues to worsen. Access to health care are among the most critical areas of need, with access to health-care services for 14.1 million people disrupted. As of 30 April 2016, the UN has directly assisted 3.6 million people with some form of humanitarian assistance in all 22 governorates, including assistance for 3.5 million people with essential and life-saving health assistance. The Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan, which requires US$1.8 billion to reach 13.6 million people this year, remains underfunded at only 19 per cent.

In mid-June, the Special Envoy to Yemen reported accomplishments during two months of peace talks. These include, strengthening the cessation of hostilities; an improvement in the ability of the various humanitarian agencies to reach previously inaccessible areas; establishment of a common ground between the parties from which they can build upon; and the release of more than 700 prisoners and detainees including 50 children. The Secretary-General on his recent visit to the peace talk in Kuwait, has urged the Yemeni delegations to prevent a further deterioration to the situation and arrive at a comprehensive agreement ending the conflict.