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Monthly Situation Report #07 – July 2017

The humanitarian situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate. Driven by food insecurity and a cholera outbreak caused directly by the conflict, the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance has increased by two million and now stands at 20.7 million. Some 9.8 million people are in acute need of assistance to save or sustain their lives while 10.8 million people need assistance to prevent them from slipping into acute need. 
Hundred and twenty-four humanitarian organizations have reached 36 per cent of the 2017 humanitarian target working in a coordinated manner across Yemen’s 22 governorates. The 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan has received 44 per cent funding against the 2.1 billion appeal.
The number of suspected cases of cholera continues to rise with 453,175 cases of suspected cholera/acute watery diarrhoea and 1,930 associated deaths, reported as of late July 2017.