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Dear Sir/Madam,

We hereby solicit your Bid for the supply of the following items with the technical specifications as per Annexes I & 2.


If you are interested in submitting a bid for these items, kindly fill in the attached submission form and submit it in a sealed envelope to the address indicated below /send to the secure email address indicated below/ not later than 15:00 (Yemen time) on 06th November 2019.


Please ensure to mark your envelop with the ITB reference number and the words “Sealed bid. Do not open before 13:00 (Yemen Time) on 07th November 2019.


Street address for bid submission:  Hadda street, behind Lazourde Hotel:                  

Email address of Contact Person: for inquires if any

Note: Do not submit your bid/proposal to the contact person’s email address!

It shall remain your responsibility to ensure that your Bid will reach the address above on or before the deadline. Bids that are received by UNFPA after the deadline indicated above or to any other e-mail address: , for whatever reason, shall NOT be considered for evaluation.


Technical drawings of the premises are available and can be provided upon request for interested bidders by sending an email to the contact person mentioned above. In addition, site visit is also allowed.


Bidding shall be conducted through ONE envelope. The technical bid containing the technical specifications and the financial bid containing the price information shall be submitted together.


Documents to be submitted with the bid:

  1. Completed and signed Bid Submission Form.
  2. Bidders Identification Form.
  3. Registration and license documents.
  4. Evidence of Bidder’s previous experience and clients minimum of 5 years.
  5. Workplan implementation schedule indicating the ability to fulfill the scope of work with a certain time-frame.
  6. Technical bid, including product catalogue to demonstrate that specification and quality of the products are in line with the requirements listed in the bidding documents.
  7. Financial bid including the price schedule.


Partial bids are not allowed under this ITB.


Validity of Bid:

The prices of the bid shall be valid for 60 days after the closing date of bid submission as specified by UNFPA. A bid valid for a shorter period shall be rejected by UNFPA.


Delivery Time:

The maximum allowed delivery time is 120 days upon issuing of purchase order.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Minimum number of years of experience in Construction field: 5 years;
  • Minimum number of projects with similar contract value of U$ 100,000 successfully completed as Main Contractor over the past 5 years [3 projects];
  • Full compliance of Bid to the Technical requirements and BOQ;
  • Suitability and Quality of Construction Work Schedule; 4 months
  • Suitability and technical qualification of the technical personnel proposed to the project in relation to their qualification and years of experiences;
  • Relevance and efficiency of List of the Machinery and equipment owned by bidder/and Proposed for the Contract execution
  • 12 months Defects liabilities upon handover of site.
    2 years warranty period on Manufacturing defects, installation defects and performance defects for security systems; x-ray machine, metal through detectors and inverters, fire system, PS system,  electrical panels; circuit breakers and emergency lighting. 
  • CVs for key personal including Project Manager with 5 years’ experience in Project Management. Civil engineer (BA in civil engineering with 5 (years) experience in construction). Electrical Engineer (BA in Electrical Engineering with 5 (years) experience in electrical works);




Evaluation of Bids:

UNFPA shall compare all substantially responsive bids to determine the lowest priced substantially responsive bid.

A substantially responsive bid is one that conforms to all the terms, conditions, and specifications of the bidding documents without material deviation, reservation, or omission. A material deviation, reservation, or omission is one that:

  1. affects in any substantial way the scope, quality, or performance of the goods and related services specified in the contract; or
  2. limits in any substantial way, inconsistent with the bidding documents, UNFPA’s rights or the bidder’s obligations under the contract; or
  3. if rectified would unfairly affect the competitive position of other bidders presenting substantially responsive bids.


Contract Award:

UNFPA shall award the contract to the lowest priced bidder(s) whose bid has been determined to be substantially responsive with the bidding documents, including the maximum allowable lead time.


Note: Current UNFPA supplier policies apply to this solicitation and can be found at:



  1. Bid Submission Form
  2. Bidders Identification Form
  3. Technical specification and requirements of the product (Product Item Overview Form)
  4. Price Schedule Form
  5. Annex 1 – Statement of Works (SoW)
  6. Annex 2 – Bill of Quantity (BoQ)