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UNFPA is seeking to work through an institution that can monitor UNFPA’s humanitarian reproductive health, GBV, PD, and Youth programme in Yemen.


Provide third party monitoring of UNFPA supported activities.


The selected organization will conduct different types of monitoring activities, the minimum set will include:

  • Beneficiary verification and feedback for Accountability to Affected Populations
  • Direct observation and on-site verification on the implementation of programmes
  • Service delivery verification
  • Post-distribution monitoring
  • Situational Analysis of population and operational environment.


UNFPA’s supported services will be monitored with regard to the below criteria:

  1. Availability of services:

Assessment of the extent to which the provider has met its service delivery commitments in the Work Plan (including staff, supplies and equipment etc.), as well as the adherence to technical parameters and specifications, such as Bill of Quantities, and verification of progress and distribution reports.

  1. Relevancy/Appropriateness of services:

Assessment of whether the designed services (including supplies) match needs of the local population. Identification of service delivery gaps in terms of quantity and quality, and challenges faced.

  1. Accessibility of services:

Assessment of accessibility of services by target groups living in the programme area in terms of a. physical and geographical accessibility, b. economical accessibility/affordability, c. information accessibility, d. operational accessibility (e.g working hours, availability of phone lines, appointment system) and e. discrimination.

  1. Acceptability of services:

Assessment of the extent to which the patient is comfortable with the service provision style i.e. respect to medical ethics and patient rights, cultural appropriateness, sensitivity towards gender, age etc.

Qualified and Interested firms and institutions must send their offers to: 
Not later than February 15th, 2017
Please make sure that you write "3rd Party Monitoring Offer" in the subject line of the email.