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Women and girls in Yemen explain how their lives have been upended by war. They also shared their hopes:

"The war has affected us so deeply. We are displaced. We do not have an income. We are starving."
"Our children were killed, our homes have been destroyed, and we have been humiliated."
"We now live in these huts. Life is very difficult."
"We were already poor. The war came and forced us out of our homes. We do not have anything now. Our children are hungry and thirsty."
"Our schools and houses were burnt. We cannot go to school. We have been separated from our friends."
"I will do good. I will help people in need and I will stop the war."
"If I had the power, I would help people and fix this crisis and change our lives. But there is nothing I can do now."

What would you do? #IfYouWereADecisionMaker

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